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Behavioural challenges seen in high school need to be addressed first through assessment and then through intervention. While some problems could go away simply once the student grows up, more often than not, these behavioural patterns need to be assessed and addressed. Schools along with parents can, based on the assessment, admit a student to a behavioural program  that helps in correcting the pattern and developing the right mindset, attitude as well as critical skills required in higher education or in the child’s career.

Swayam’s behavioural assessment is to identify student behavior challenges (if any) and then to help students understand and overcome these challenges. Swayam supports the transformation with suggestions and resources that are easy to follow. This also includes personalized yogic practices and ayurvedic nutritional guidelines for health and well-being.

You will get: Personality Development Report

Primary use: Identify behavior challenges in students of 8/9th grades

Age group: 14 and above

Benefits: Identify behavioural challenges early | Identify students who are under stress and anxiety | Early intervention to overcome challenges | Helping in the right educational choices | Preparing early for career success and happiness | Overall student well-being

Lack of awareness among parents, peers and in general everyone about the plethora of new career opportunities available, lack of awareness of scientific assessment tests, results in wrong career choices of students. A scientifically developed Career Assessment becomes critical in ensuring that students with parents and with schools and colleges take the right career decisions based on personality and aptitude.

Swayam’s Career Assessment Service is aimed at assessing personality and behaviour in high school students to guide them towards careers that would be in alignment to their personality, aptitude, and which would give them maximum life satisfaction and the best of results.

Students will get: Career Guidance Report

Primary use: Stream Selection and Career Shortlisting

Age group: 14 and above

Benefits: Right choice of careers | Job satisfaction | Good sustainable performance | Success | Fulfillment

Being academically sound or getting high grades is not the only requirement in undergraduate courses. Self-awareness is important at this stage which comes from knowing oneself, knowing one’s strengths, weaknesses, improvement areas from a career perspective.

Swayam’s Self-Growth Assessment Report is aimed at students in graduate courses to identify their SWOT and help them in their endeavour to find a job that fits their needs perfectly. This report will also help students analyze their strengths and opportunities to enable them to build on them in their career goals, and understand and work on their development areas and create tangible goals for the future, in terms of personality development.

Students will get: Self-Growth Report

Primary use: Self and Personality Development, Introspection, Strength Identification

Age group: 16 and above

Benefits: Self-awareness | SWOT Analysis | Find the best-fit job | Better performance in jobs | Write superior SoP’s while applying abroad for higher education | Success and happiness

How will it benefit you?

If you are studying in high school (8th to 12th) or are an undergraduate, it is important that you self-assess yourself by taking the Swayam test, to make the right choice about your further educational/career stream. Life, as you know has gone far beyond medical and engineering and you have multiple streams to choose from. 

Swayam Psychometric Assessment tests will help you understand:

  1. Your personality and your needs
  2. You will be clearer about your dominant traits, inhibitor and enabler traits
  3. Swayam also offers growth suggestions for inhibitor traits to overcome them
  4. Get an action plan to develop your personality
  5. You will know what is the best fit education/career for you. 
  6. Write superior SOP’s to achieve your dream of getting placed in foreign universities 

No more relying on parental advice alone or falling prey to peer and societal pressure. All you need to do is to take the quick, accurate, online test that will assess you holistically and give you a complete, immediate and easy-to-read downloadable report. You can also book a Swayam counsellor who can help you with good counsel based on the report. 

Know yourself, know what you can be good at, know what is the best-fit available and go for it.

With the ever-evolving educational field that is more flexible and comes with multiple choices, parents need to stay abreast of the latest educational and career streams. If you have children who are in high school (8th to 12th Grades) or undergraduate students, or if you are a home-schooling parent, it is important to get your child’s psychometric assessment done from Swayam. 

Swayam assessments are based on 40 of the 189 traits and 10*10 personality types and cover 22 career paths. The reports are immediately available and easy-to-read. You can also book a counsellor to take you through the report. 

Your child benefits 100% because: 

  1. Swayam Assessments are well-researched, validated and are scientific psychometric assessments.
  2. They have the highest accuracy (90%) when it comes to educational and career choices
  3. Your child and you both, will be able to see multiple educational and career avenues other than the typical medical and engineering fields.
  4. Your child will be able to choose a field of his/her choice and for which s(he) has the aptitude
  5. You will have ensured a bias-free, pressure-free selection process of your child’s future path leading to a happier child and a happier and successful future.

What else could you want as a parent?!

Psychometric assessments are a practice most educational institutes follow for their students, especially during the milestone years of 8th, 9th , 10th, 12th and undergraduate years. A lot of these tests that have been around for several years are skewed and subjective in nature. Many of them were created by foreign institutes for natives of those countries – for students who study in different cultures, languages and who follow a different learning curve. The bottom-line is that most of these tests are not appropriate for the native Indian student.

Swayam Psychometric Assessment tests are designed for the Indian student Swayam empowers educational institutes with holistic, objective and deeply researched assessments to take their students from smart selection to success. Swayam tests are designed to evaluate 40 of the 189 traits and 10*10 personality types making each student’s personality, needs, strengths and insights unique. The reports are generated immediately and are accurate to 90% (the highest accuracy), as against other players who stand at a mere 50-60% accuracy level. With our tests – personality analysis and career mapping, you will be able to give your high school and undergraduate students clarity about which higher education stream/career stream they should pursue. 

Benefits for students 

  1. Self-awareness – understand themselves and their needs
  2. Self-awareness – apply to jobs that suit their personality 
  3. Behavioral traits needed for different careers
  4. Know about available job roles
  5. Informed choices on Course Streams and Careers
  6. Objective, holistic and accurate assessment
  7. Lesser dropouts, dilemmas, frustration, job-quitting, depression and unfortunate mishaps. 
  8. Write superior SOP’s to secure a place for higher education abroad

Benefits for institutes

  1. Advanced analytics that allow for data-driven decisions, better student performance and therefore good placements
  2. Reduced stress and behavioral dysfunction
  3. Third-party assessment ensures parent buy-in
  4. Reduced pressure on Student Counsellors through advanced behavioural and emotional challenge assessments to improve focus on students who need it the most
  5. Happier student population and thereby future Alumni
  6. Higher school/college/University ranking and social outlook
  7. Actionable insights for training students; 
  8. In line with NEP 2020

In line with NEP 2020

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