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The pandemic has turned our lives in a way that sees no going back. With “Virtual” becoming the new “Real”, we’re being led to accepting this new normal and adapting to it. If there’s one acronym we’ve all learned over the past year, then it is WFH – Work from home, which was something unimaginable at a point. Today, we’re all juggling our days with it today, or rather, balancing now.

This sudden flip has tossed a lot for both the employers and the employees globally. Remote operations have not been as seamless as we could have assumed, and have certainly tested both patience and productivity. From remote hiring to managing large teams virtually, challenges have only increased over the past months, as we also learn and adapt to the challenges in unique ways. Apart from this, we cannot deny the loss of a connection between the team members, as the employee engagement activities have either reduced or are again happening virtually. With so many unfortunate losses in their families, and loved ones, the state of mind has also been disturbed, and it is inevitable as human beings.

It is truly the time we need to relook and redefine the way we understand and communicate with people as resources. We’re gradually understanding that expecting the same results in an unprecedented working situation like today, is unrealistic. With this, companies also need to understand the importance of evaluating employee behaviour to improve things. And it becomes impactful when this evaluation is customized for each employee since every employee is a unique individual. It may sound too ambitious to execute but it is an actionable approach. That’s where Swayam- the MRI for human behaviour comes to the rescue.

At Swayam, we design customized behaviour assessment tests for employees, to help organizations assess, decode and organize their workforce in a smarter way. Our aim is to be your partner in helping you navigate through the remote working challenges with people, through technology.

Sounds like something that you would like to know more about?

Stay tuned as we reveal more about Swayam in our upcoming blogs.