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90% of students choose the wrong career path
Only 10% of students access career guidance in their lifetime


93% of students are aware of less than 10 career options,
while there are more than 250 career options available today.


Take Career Decisions with Confidence

Swayam can help you, your student or your child take informed educational and career decisions that lead to success.

  • The Only Indigenously Developed Psychometric Test Standardised for Indians and Used Worldwide.
  • While others rely on foreign tests, our unique assessment has garnered international recognition, with foreign institutions adopting our methods.
  • Our tailored assessments are designed to meet the unique needs of Indian students, helping them unlock their true potential and make informed decisions about their educational and career paths. Join a growing community that trusts our expertise worldwide.

Assessments for Students

Personality Development

For 8th & 9th Students

Identify behavioural challenges in students
Personality analysis
Recommendations to improve personality
Interventions to build personality (includes Yogic practices, diet & nutrition chart, curated free resources)
Counselling session

Career Guidance

For 10th to 12th Students

Personality analysis
Stream selection advice
Career advice based on personality and interest
Worksheet for goal setting

Self Growth

For UG/PG/MBA Students

Personality analysis
Strength and weakness analysis
Growth suggestions
Identify job role suitability
Trait analysis for SOP writing

Group Analysis of Student Assessments

Personality Development

The group analysis report offers a comprehensive overview of the behavioral trends and challenges faced by the students in a class or grade. Schools can utilize this information to:

  • Implement targeted interventions and support systems for students facing behavioral challenges.
  • Develop tailored wellness programs that include yogic practices and nutritional guidelines to enhance students’ health.
  • Foster a supportive environment that addresses common behavioral issues and promotes personal growth.

Career Guidance

The group analysis report provides insights into the career interests and aptitudes of students. Schools can leverage this information to:

  • Sort students into appropriate academic streams based on their strengths and career interests, reducing friction between parents and the school.
  • Organize career counseling sessions and workshops tailored to the predominant career interests of the student body.
  • Collaborate with parents to align career guidance efforts, ensuring a unified approach to the students’ future planning.

Self Growth Report

The group analysis report provides an aggregated view of the SWOT analysis for a group of students. Educational institutions can use this information to:

  • Offer targeted workshops and training sessions that address common development areas and enhance the strengths of their students.
  • Develop mentorship programs that pair students with similar career goals and strengths, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Provide personalised guidance and support for students applying for higher education, ensuring they present their best selves in applications.

Assessments for Teachers

Junior Teacher Growth

For 0-4 yrs of experience

Promotions and role change opportunities
Development planning
Identification of training needs
Coaching sessions
Succession planning advice

Senior Teacher Growth

For 5-14 yrs experience

Personality and workplace competencies analysis
Problem-solving skills evaluation
Communication style assessment
Stress management techniques
Change management abilities

Head Teacher Growth

For 15+ yrs experience

Growth planning
Role movement strategies
Succession planning insights
Coaching and feedback sessions
Leadership strengths and growth areas analysis

Group Analysis of Teacher Assessments

Junior Teacher Growth Report

The group analysis report provides a comprehensive overview of the strengths and development needs of junior teachers. Schools can utilize this information to:

  • Develop targeted training programs that address common areas for improvement and enhance the strengths of junior teachers.
  • Plan role changes and promotions based on the overall performance and potential of the junior teaching staff.
  • Create succession plans to ensure a smooth transition for key roles in the future.

Senior Teacher Growth Report

The group analysis report offers aggregated data on the competencies and areas for development among senior teachers. Educational institutions can use this information to:

  • Implement professional development programs that focus on enhancing problem-solving skills, communication, and stress management.
  • Facilitate change management initiatives that are supported by the strengths of senior teachers.
  • Foster a collaborative environment where senior teachers can share their expertise and mentor junior teachers.

Head Teacher Growth Report

The group analysis report provides a detailed view of the leadership strengths and development needs of head teachers. Schools can leverage this information to:

  • Develop leadership training programs that focus on growth planning and role movement.
  • Implement succession planning strategies to ensure continuity in key leadership positions.
  • Provide coaching and feedback to head teachers, helping them to further develop their leadership capabilities.

Accredited by Indian Institute of Business Psychology (IIBP) and aligned with NEP 2020

Patent Pending: 3096/CHE/2010

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Our clientele

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Accreditations & Recognitions

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