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Personality, Decoded.

Psychometric Personality Assessment Platform

Data-driven Decisions, with Confidence


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Core Personality Types and their Combinations




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Unleash your true potential by delving into the depths of your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden talents. Gain valuable insights that will guide you towards personal growth and success. Our team of expert analysts and consultants are dedicated to helping your business make informed decisions based on deep insights derived from complex data. Don’t settle for a superficial understanding of yourself – dive deep with Swayam Analytics and unlock a world of self-discovery like never before.

Our Solutions


People Analytics

Confident People Decisions for HR Managers & Organizations

Student Analytics

Confident Career Decisions for Students

Why Us?

Our approach is scientifically proven, based on intensive research. We offer a single comprehensive test that minimizes the need for multiple test administrations, ensuring unprecedented accuracy.

Our clientele

Our clientele

Accreditations & Recognitions

Accreditations & Recognitions

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