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The pandemic has forced us to adapt to remote working, and quietly gifting us the liberty to work from anywhere in the world. It is no longer necessary to find your power employees at a specific location. But are organizations realizing and leveraging this opportunity?

Today, global exposure and resources are crucial elements to take any organization to the next level. The evolving market and the inevitable global competition are unavoidable. With technological advancement today, every consumer base in every corner of the world is accessible. To survive this volatile structure of the market, it is important to be in tandem with what your customers want. 

Whether or not you are looking for a global expansion, a global workforce is a way to go! 

You might think that the consumer base is single but you ought to understand that the consumer behaviour is dynamic due to the intersectionality in their consumption patterns. This is based on their financial capability, taste, education, and personal behavioural attributes. Having diversity in the workforce will enable to shorten the gaps that can’t be ascertained. 

In the case of a global expansion of your business, you anyway ought to hire local talent to get insight into the culture and ideological linchpins. 

Work From Home is an opportunity for you to stretch your boundaries and enter the world market in any possible way. 

The idea is to see it as a chance to compete against global competitors that are constantly outstretching themselves to enhance their customer experience.

If you are wondering how a global workforce can empower your organization, here is what we have analyzed for you!

  • With your global workforce, you could develop an effective global expansion strategy.
  • Helps leverage better communication with global audiences through a global workforce.
  • Makes it easy for the companies to enter new markets with new cultures.
  • Different perspectives allow the company to keep up with the socio-cultural changes globally.
  • Diversity in the workforce inspires employees to keep up at higher levels. 
  • Enables filling in for roles for which there is a lack of highly skilled professionals in your country. 
  • Facilitates higher rate of productivity because of the inflow of creative ideas from across the globe

Challenges to creating a global workforce remotely

  • Cultural intelligence – Assessing an individual’s capability to function in a culturally diverse setting professionally is crucial while working in a team.
  • Cultural adaptation – a sense of socio-cultural as well as psychological well-being is very important while creating a global workforce.
  • Cultural judgment and decision making – This refers to the sense of understanding and interpreting cultural issues based on the values exclusive to them. Again a challenge, that can be a gift too.
  • Remote evaluation:  It is easier to stick to traditional ways of taking interviews and assessing your potential employees in person. But the pandemic has left no option. However, it can still be a play with the right tools and strategy to evaluate your employees’ attitude, commitment, and work ethics sitting on your couch!

How to beat the challenges, then?

There is a need for a holistic approach to finding is a global citizen who is open-minded, creative, and has a passion to learn from other cultures amongst other important attributes. All these are intrinsic qualities that need unique screening.

The role of Behavioural Assessments:

Behavioural Assessments help a great deal in truly knowing a potential employee’s competencies. Because resources can be trained on skills, but intrinsic qualities, ethics, commitment factors are key elements that are usually non-tangible. With the inability to meet people in person for an interview to understand their code of conduct, body language, etc, the smartest way is to shift to a credible and well-designed assessment to know your potential employee.

The Indian Knowledge Traditions-based model is an all-encompassing and inclusive methodology that understands the challenges and helps create exclusive assessment tests for people across the globe based on certain parameters. 

The interaction of 5 primordial elements – namely Ether (Akasa), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Ap), and Earth (Prithvi) plays a key role in establishing the basis of every individual’s physical-psychological make-up, helping us read accurately into the psyche of the person. And we, at Swayam bring years of our expertise in efficiently and accurately assessing the best resources across the globe. At Swayam, we believe knowledge is power, and there can be nothing more powerful than knowing people before you know them as employees!

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