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The pandemic affected us all in one way or another. Initially, work from home looked like a challenge, but employees worldwide have shown resilience and adaptability like never before. However, to sustain the system, the answer is not only their courage but also how well are companies supporting and catering to the needs of their employees, while the battle against Covid is on!

The need to decode employee behaviour:

Individuals behave in a specific way in a given situation. And employees are people before they are resources. No two individuals behave in the same way. Some have a difficult time dealing with stress, whereas others can face unforeseen circumstances with a smile. Both of these categories in an organisation might or might not have a direct impact on each other, but it is important to understand their needs and how it is affecting the company’s outcome.

It is important for employees to:

  • Act responsibly at work and respect others, to facilitate a healthy work culture. 
  •  Follow the rules and regulations of the workplace. 
  • Be polite, respectful, and understanding to their team members.

However, expecting them to behave the same way after going through possible phases of long treatments, personal loss, financial insecurities, is certainly unreasonable!

Employers need to understand that there needs to be empathy and sensitivity because employees need and want to ask to be understood during their tough times. 

Are companies understanding this shift?

Employee behaviour and company performance: A critical relationship 

The above-mentioned factors may impact how the company performs in the long run as employee behaviour in the workplace is directly related to the operations of the business and, consequently, its success. Professional behaviours typically result in collaborative work and elevate the company’s status, whereas poor or unprofessional behaviours have the potential to stymie productivity, lower morale, and create a negative public image.

Analysing employee behaviour has become a unique challenge in the pandemic as distance penetrates. However, it is now more important than ever because the workplace has gone remote.

How to navigate this challenge? 

  • Timely behavioural assessments
  • An efficient approach to study the impact on employee behaviour on the success of a particular project 
  • A detailed chart on the consistency patterns on the employee 
  • A blueprint of what kind of rewards have reinforced the kind of performance positive habits 

To ascertain the employers’ impending challenges, periodic analysis and updates on employee behaviour can help a great deal. This also has a direct impact on the retention of employees. 

When distance penetrates the scene, the impact is certainly difficult to track and measure! Step up to support your employees in these times.

At Swayam we aim to help companies analyse employee behaviour through holistic behavior analysis. Our unique approach finds its roots in ancient Vedic principles.

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