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In order to provide a better overall assessment of an applicant and ideally get the greatest match for the position, several businesses use psychometric testing throughout their recruiting process. However, some who employ psychometric evaluation think that it may offer a more objective picture of a candidate’s personality, skills, vulnerabilities, and work style.

Using Swayam’s psychometric testing as a tool for companies will help them evaluate a candidate’s future performance and enhance employee commitment by making better-recruiting decisions.

How do psychometric tests get measured and why do they exist?

As the name implies, psychometric tests are the measuring of the mind, candidate’s personality, and behaviour during an interview.

You may find out about how candidates personality traits can be measured by taking psychometric tests:

  • People’s motivation, values, and opinions in connection to their interests are measured through interest tests. Individual differences in style or method of doing things and the way they engage with their surroundings and other people are measured through personality tests.
  • Aptitude tests assess how people differ when it comes to their ability to execute or carry out certain tasks.

Below are key benefits employers will avail from Swayam’s psychometric tests:-

Swayam’s psychometric tests are intended to give objective and quantifiable data that will assist recruiting managers in making educated judgments.

It’s a great approach to better understand the candidate’s behaviour during a high-pressure sales call or teamwork. Hiring managers can benefit from psychometric testing by:-

  1. Accurate intelligence test:- Such an assessment can reveal how long it will take a candidate to learn new abilities, how effectively they will cope with language or figures on the job, and how efficiently they will be able to absorb additional knowledge.
  2. Leading potential:- Multiple psychometric tests can help you assess whether or not a candidate has the potential to be a leader. Consequently, they will contribute to a more effective succession planning process.
  3.  Candidate’s emotional balance:- You can determine how well a candidate will interact with other team members, grasp their particular communication style, and anticipate what type of co-worker they will be by measuring their emotional intelligence with psychometric tests throughout the recruiting process. 

  4. Practical workplace behavior:- A candidate’s preferred communication methods, their capacity to remain calm under stress, and what pushes them as an individual may be determined using psychometric tests that focus on behavior and personality.

Do psychometric tests provide any additional advantages in recruitment?

Our discussion of psychometric tests has so far been limited to employee assessment, but the benefits for the organization go well beyond this. It is possible to improve recruiting efforts by integrating psychometric testing into the applicant selection process.

As per People Management, over 75% of The Times Best Companies and 80% of Fortune 500 companies utilize psychometrics in a certain fashion,

  • 81% of respondents said they anticipated to make judgments that were more dependable and less dangerous.
  • According to 57% of respondents, testing may predict future performance.

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Personality assessments from Swayam are used in collaboration with interviews to get an understanding of an applicant’s personal style and predict how they will act in certain situations. The employer can assess a potential employee’s cultural suitability and possible development areas as part of a larger procedure.

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