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Why Us?

Scientifically proven, based on intensive research

  • Swayam is the outcome of 22+ years of experience and 12 + years of pre and post doctoral research by our Founder Director, Dr Shilpa Datar. These tests are also used by national and international Universities as part of their research. Dr Shilpa Datar was invited to England by Mrs. Cherie Blair (Former PM’s wife) and Bank of America and Merrill Lynch to present her work to them.
  • 16+ scientific publications; Swayam tests being used for research in multiple countries— providing quality & accuracy assurance

A single comprehensive test that minimizes the need for multiple test administrations, with unprecedented accuracy

Only assessment in the world covering physical, physiological & ethical aspects of behavior resulting in detailed, multi-layered interpretations without the need to take multiple tests.

Read the list of relevant published scientific papers.

Validated by eminent scholars and accredited

  • Our Founder-Director, Dr. Shilpa Datar, has an M.A. and a PhD in Psychology and comes with stellar credentials in the field, plus has years of intensive research to her credit.
  • Swayam Tests are validated by a knowledge advisory of 11+ scholars including 2 Padma Shri awardees, a Vice Chancellor, a Dean and multiple professors.
  • Swayam Assessments are backed by highly qualified psychologists and come with an accreditation from the prestigious Indian Institute of Business Psychology.
  • Our clients can be confident that they are getting the best assessments in the market to support their critical decision backed by science and data.

Aligned with NEP 2020

  • India’s first 21st century National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has laid down certain norms for a free, open, flexible, inclusive, multi-disciplinary education, where the focus will be on developing critical thinking, instilling and preserving ethical values, and putting students at the heart of the learning process. The Policy also mentions incorporating Ayurveda and Yoga for daily healthy practices to instill health and well-being in students, along with building sound mental health.
  • Swayam’s Student Assessments are fully aligned with NEP 2020, thereby helping educational institutes comply with NEP2020 guidelines and rules.

API integration

  • Customised API Integration available to make your experience seamless, whether it be a handful of employees, or thousands