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People Analytics.

Psychometric Talent Assessment Platform


Take People Decisions with Confidence
Talent Acquisition

Recruit with 100% Confidence

Swayam assessment tests are built using an exhaustive 189 traits plus 16 personality types, so you can decide with confidence who your best-fit candidate is for the role, for the company culture and your values.

Swayam equips you to take confident recruitment decisions for people and organizational success.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development: Make sure your Organization is in Good Hands

Organizational development is a critical area that will dictate your organization’s track record. Swayam assessment test help you identify high potential leaders, develop them and at the same time helps develop your existing leadership to meet the ever-evolving organizational goals.

Swayam helps you identify key motivators like: Advancement, Monetary Benefits, Recognition, Competition and Challenge.


  • Dominant personality and traits and needs that drive your behaviour
  • Insights about core Competencies
  • Personalized Self-development plan
  • Curated resources to overcome growth and developmental areas
  • High-Potential individual identification
  • Leadership development plans
  • Department/team specific inputs to improve productivity
  • Understanding of ethics/integrity of employees
  • Training Needs
  • Stress/Anxiety level of employees across the organization
  • Employee engagement status
  • Data points to inform policy recommendations on 
    • Employee Engagement 
    • Employee Retention
    • Productivity
  • Unbiased input for Appraisals/Promotions
  • Key motivators of employees
  • Succession planning

Accredited by the Indian Institute of Business Psychology (IIBP)

Patent Pending: 3096/CHE/2010

Our clientele

Our clientele

Accreditations & Recognitions

Accreditations & Recognitions

Seamless API Integration

Connect Swayam to your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and start recruiting and developing top candidates smarter and faster.

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